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Link: Secure chat on iOS, Android, and Computer - Freedom Hacker

5 notes security privacy kik whatsapp bbm android iOS computer linux windows mac osx jabber xmpp freedomhacker

Link: The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003

Wow, on the integrity of the Linux crew.  Just goes to show how important it is to safe guard your data

2 notes hack linux

Link: How to encrypt the Home folder

 A guide to help you encrypt your home folder with Linux

5 notes guide linux encrypt

Link: Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked To Insert Backdoor Into Linux - Slashdot

29 notes privacy nsa linux surveillance

Link: German City Starts Distributing Free Ubuntu 12.04 CDs to Windows XP Users

Ahead of the severing of official support for Microsoft Windows XP next year, the German city of Munich have begun offering free Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CDs in select local libraries.

*honestly this is one of the best retroactive fights against cybercrime I have seen, to help people move from a soon to be free for all exploit fest and transition them into a secure desktop environment, Good going munich this is a very responsible way to support the linux community and attempt to help prevent cybercrime.*

10 notes news ubuntu germany german CD city windows windows XP linux unix munich

SSTP client for Linux

I was surprised to find out that their has been a Client Port for the SSTP protocol to Linux, Its really cool that this exits, see most linux users use Openvpn which all people Should its significantly more secure and now with the wake of NSA and the extent of Prism and other dull name spying programs we have to go with absolute security.Now PPTP will protect you to some degree but it isn’t that strong cryptographically, neither Is IPsec but its a little bit better.

Now the reason SSTP is kind of cool, its not as secure as openvpn but its Microsoft attempt at creating a more secure protocol to compete with OpenVPN its essentially PPTP with SSL libraries added to it.

Read More

3 notes linux pptp SSTP VPN protocol debian ubuntu openvpn nsa security

Link: Using mobile shell Mosh for SSH sessions

The mobile shell Mosh is a command line remote terminal utility that works wrapped around SSH, it can be used inside xterm or Emacs, you will still need SSH running in the server, the main difference in between Mosh and SSH is that Mosh connects via UDP (User Datagram Protocol) instead of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), UDP is ideal for unreliable Internet connections, like for example a mobile 4G network, you will not be disconnected from the server if your network temporarily drops, UDP does not verify that data reaches destination, Mosh will keep you connected even if your device IP changes or the computer goes to sleep. Mosh only runs UTF-8 character encoding but it fixes all Unicode bugs found in SSH.

1 note MOSH mobile SSH shell terminal unix linux